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This page is relatively minimal currently, but will be populated with items of interest to Dr. Salsbury's major advisees. In addition to his current advisees, students who declare any of the physics departments majors (BA Physics, BS Physics or BS Biophysics) in 2019-20 will be advised by Dr. Salsbury . Those who declare in 2020-21 will be advised by Dr. Cook

General info

Registrar's how-to register for a range of scenarios. A popular request is to take graduate-course as an undergrad; here is the request form. Generally the course will be taken for undergraduate credit and as either an elective in the major or a general elective.

Math Departments tentative course rotation

Classes for 3/2 Engineering program; also relevant for majors who wish to move to an MS in engineering after graduation. 

AP, IB and A-level credits in physics

If you are interested in K-12 education, here is a flyer from the education department with all the details on licensure requirements, getting a MAT and other relevant info. 

Major and Minor Requirements in Physics.

Research in Physics

Faculty directory with course pages.

Undergraduate honors requirements and instructions.

NSF REU sites Deadlines usually in Feb or March.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (Seniors) Deadlines usually late October.

Dates to Remember

February 19 2016: Last day to drop full-term class

March 21-24 2016: Major advising. Sign up here.

March 23 2016 First Draft of Honor's thesis due to your committee

April 6 2016 Corrected Draft of Honor's thesis due to your committee

April 13 2016 Thesis Defense Due date

May 9 2016: Last day to turn in an honor's thesis (fully complete and signed) for May graduation to Dr. Salsbury.