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Current Courses


Physics 113: General Physics I

This calculus-based introduction to physics aimed at Division V majors and pre-medical students covers basic mechanics, waves, and thermodynamics. This is a "flipped", more interactive, course with many examples from the biophysical and biomedical sciences. 


Presentations by SCB faculty and students on current research topics. Required for the SCB certificate; other graduate students are welcome.

PHYSICS 770: Statistical mechanics

This graduate course is aimed at physics graduate students and topics in statistical mechanics and  computation. It builds heavily on classical mechanics classes. Once a week, there is a matlab "lab," which allows for exploration of more complex problems in statistical mechanics.

Mathematics Resources

Physics courses build on pre-req mathematics courses, and sometimes math is taught in physics courses as well. This is a new and expanding selection of resources to review/learn mathematics. Mostly aimed at providing review materials at the level of MST 111 and high school mathematics for Physics 113, and review materials at the level of MST 205 for Physics 262.

Previous Courses

Physics 262: Mechanics

This upper-level mechanics course is aimed at biophysics and physics majors; it covers topics in non-relativistic classical mechanics and techniques in applied mathematics and computation. It assumes a mastery of the material covered in Mth 205. Once a week, there is a matlab "lab," which serves the dual-purpose of introducing computational methods and allowing for exploration of more complex-problems in mechanics.

Physics 266: Intermediate Lab II: Part I

This is the first half of a laboratory course designed to complement Phy 262. The first half is purely computational. The second half will be experimental and will be taught by Dr. Carroll.


This journal club, or an alternative, is required for the SCB certificate; other grad students are welcome. This semester's topic is "Biophysics of Drug Discovery.