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first week of flipped Physics 113: enthusiasm

First two classes of my flipped calc-based General physics are done. This is the second time I have "flipped" this course and the first class actually had to have some lecture to cover the syllabus and since they hadn't done any watching or reading. However, it went more smoothly then the first time I did it even with new IT problems in the classroom.

 A nicely enthusiastic class!  They seem far more willing to engage each other and to ask questions this early in the semester. It could be because I have 14 freshmen in my class; many more than usual and suggests we might have another large major class in a couple years for Greg.

This week was welcome to the course, dimensional analysis & units and vectors. Need to finish vector multiplication next week and move onto forces and Newton's laws. The wifi issues in the classroom did cost us ~1/4 of a lecture.

We will see if their enthusiasm maintains.