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Solving force and torque problems on youtube.

Ryan Melvin has made five more problem solving video for our 113 class. Still trying to perfect the audio, but still good examples of how to solve problems.

These are deliberately not the fanciest videos; the aim is to be as close to what you will actually do on pencil and paper.

This week we have:

15TrainCars -- transmission of forces along a train. This is a problem that is often missed by students.

Torque -- how to calculate torques given a single rotation axis and two masses placed at various spots

SimpleAtwood -- two masses connected by a pulley with one on a ramp. A classic problem showing the function of pulleys.

ForceVectors -- how to use knowledge about some forces and a measured acceleration to find a missing force.

FanCart -- what's the acceleration from a force given a mass, and how does the acceleration change if the mass changes but not the force