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Factoring to solve the critically damped harmonic oscillator

When a harmonic oscillator is critically damped, life becomes more complicated because the normal solution based on generalizing the simple harmonic oscillator -- that is guessing an exponential solution -- only has one root and so one solution. That can't be correct for a second-order differential equation, so another solution needs to be derived. We did it one way in class, and another method, factoring, is presented here.

Gravitational waves exist! Go LIGO!

Completely different field in physics, but I can't help be excited! 

A century after a prediction by Einstein, observations for 13.5 years, and development for a decade longer, finally gravitational waves were seen on September 14, 2015 @9:51AM UTC (4:51 pm EST). 

Of course, there is more to this than just the confirmation of a prediction, this could usher in an era of gravitational wave astronomy. Though seems like the events have to be pretty big.I can't think of a more significant discovery in physics in my lifetime.

It is also a testimony to the power of "big science" and collaborations. 1004 co-authors and take a look: