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Welcome to Physics 113 Section B Fall 2018

Greetings and welcome to the course web page.

First, let's point you to the syllabus. Please review the syllabus.

Second, here are the assignments for Week 1:

  • Login to webassign. Make sure that you can login before Wednesday 8/29/18
  • Enroll in our voicethread group. Make sure that you are enrolled before Wednesday 8/29/18 in time to review the voicethreads for your 7am quiz.
  • Review the first three voice threads, the welcome and two Tool videos, by Wednesday 08/29/18 in time for your 7am webassign quiz.
    • If you wish to do reading in your text, the Measurement voice threads corresponds roughly to Ch. 1-2. and 1-3. The Vector voice thread and videos correspond to Ch. 3-2 and 3-3, with some additional materials.
  • Review our vector videos on our math resources page for Wednesday 08/29/18
    • If you need to also review any trig or derivative videos.
  • Review the fourth voice thread, Intro to Forces, by Friday 08/31/18 in time for your 7am web assign quiz. This covers part of Chapter 2 in your text.
  • Complete your first homework assignment on webassign by Friday 08/31/18 at 11pm.