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Homework #1

Here is HW #1 due Wednesday 01/24/18 in the grader's (TBD) mailbox.  This is in addition to what you did on Friday in class. If you didn't finish in class on Friday, finish it at home.

A few points:

1) plots have labels and titles.

2) don't pick an initial condition that results in no motion.

3) When asked to comment on what changes, discuss how the modeling of the motion varies with timestep for the two different cases including comparing the time steps needed for different force laws and the specified accuracy. Use sentences and maybe paragraphs if need be and explain your answer.

Here are the expectations for writing up homework assignments.

Week 1 Announcements and assignments


This week, Jan 17 and 19th, we will focus on reviewing Newton's equations and introducing Matlab as a tool for solving problems in classical mechanics.

Your assignments:

1) Read Chapter 1 in your Classical Mechanics text. Ideally in time for class on Wednesday but absolutely in time for class on Friday.

2) Install Matlab on your laptop and make sure it runs. You can obtain it at software.wfu.edu . If you have difficulty installing Matlab, go to the Bridge. Make sure you have an working copy by class on Friday.

3) Review material in the Mathematics Companion. In particular, we will use material from 1.1, 1.3, 1.4 this week, along with 2.1.1. However, next week, we will use material from 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.9, so I encourage you to review ahead.

4) Watch, and work along with in Matlab, our introductory video on Matlab before class on Friday. 

5) Watch our video on Leapfrog integration. We might not get to until next week, and it might be a little challenging, but go ahead and watch it now first before class on Friday.

Our first homework will not be due until the 24th.