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Week 2 Assignments for Phy 770

Reading for 01/24/16 Read Chapter 2.

There is another Matlab video (aimed at 262) that could be useful to watch.

Homework #2 2.1, 2.5 (in parts b and increase all N's by a factor of 10), 2.8/2.10 parts a and b (no computation yet) (random walks and polymers) Due 01/31/18 at 4pm.

  • 2.1 may be worked out in class at least partially, but you must write it up nicely if so.
  • 2.5 was developed when laptops where much less powerful; so increase all N's by a factor of 10 in parts b and c, and we should work on it in class Friday.
    • Hint: use the rand function to pick a random number.
  • 2.8/2.10 is the entitled "Polymers and Random Walks." Which number it is depends on the edition of the textbook. Only do parts a and b (no computation on this problem).