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Research projects can always be organized in different ways, but here is an overview of the type of research that has been done/can be done in the Salsbury Group.

This page is out-of-date but gives an idea of the sorts of things we work on.

method and analysis development in molecular dynamics 

Methods development has been part of Dr. Salsbury's since he was a post-doc, focused originally on improvements of implicit solvent models and development of constant pH-MD simulations methods. More recently, his groups focusing on developing and using statistics and machine learning in simulations analysis, so as to remove as much as possible bias when analyzing simulation data, and to help pick out features from the increasingly large amount of data produced by simulations.

Papers in these areas include:


Dynamics of therapuetic nucleic acids polymers

What are the conformations adopted by these polymers? How do they interact with different ions? How can we improve them as therapeutics?


Protein-aptamer dynamics and energy landscapes

What are the dynamics of aptamers? How does protein binding change them, and how do they change protein dynamics? How can we improve their design?

We have other research projects focusing on explicit drug design and development and/or on microsecond-scale simulations of other proteins, nucleic acids, and complexes.