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Course info: SCB 701

Time and Place Thursday 3:30-5pm  Olin 103
Course Instructor Professor Salsbury  
Contact Info salsbufr@wfu.edu, Olin 301A

Theme  "Biophysics of Drug Discovery"

Course Overview 

This course is a journal club in which students will practice presenting papers according to the theme, and if there are open slots present their research. Open to any graduate student interested in Structural and Computational Biophysics.


01/21/16 Ryan Melvin, Research Talk


  • Jiajie sends Dr. Salsbury paper ideas

02/04/16 Sarah Jeong, Library presentation in ZSR 476.

  • Jiajie sends papers to class.

02/11/16 Jiajie Xiajo, Paper Talk


02/25/16 Lauren Nelson, Research Talk

  • Ryan Godwin sends paper to class

03/03/16 Ryan Godwin, Paper Talk

  • Ryan Melvin sends Dr. Salsbury paper ideas

03/10/16 Cancelled (Spring break and NIH panel)

03/17/16 Cancelled (APS meeting)

  • Lauren Nelson sends Dr. Salsbury paper ideas
  • Ryan Melvin sends paper to class

03/24/16 Ryan Godwin, Research presentation

  • Ryan Melvin sends Dr. Salsbury paper ideas
  • Lauren Nelson sends paper to class

03/31/16 Lauren Nelson, paper presentation

  • Ryan Melvin  sends paper to class

04/07/16 Ryan Melvin , paper talk

  • Reed Lawson sends Dr. Salsbury paper ideas

04/14/16 Reed Lawson, Research Talk 

  • Reed Lawson sends paper to class

04/21/16 Reed Lawson Paper Talk

Online Resources 

  • Web of Science. Online database of science; may need to be on Reynolda Campus/using VPN
  • PubMed. Online database of biomedical science. Open-access
  • ZSR Biophysics Guide. Books requested by biophysicists at Wake.

Potential Journals

There are many journals with interesting and relevant articles. Here are journals that have had papers selected from in the recent past:

Of course, not every article in these journals is appropriate, and there are many other journals.