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Course info: SCB 710

Time and Place Foothills, 4th Monday (most months) 3:30 -5:00. Talk starts at 4pm.
Course Instructor Professor Salsbury  
Contact Info salsbufr@wfu.edu, Olin 301A

Course Overview 

This course is a discussion group in which faculty, postdocs and graduate students in the SCB program present, listen to and discuss current research at Wake Forest in structural & computational biophysics and biology.


  • TBA

Previous Years


  • September 25 2017 Ryan Melvin (SCB T32 recipient, Physics, and Mathematics & Statistics) "Community-relative distance with applications to biophysics"
  • October 23 2017 Stephen Rego (Biochemistry) "TREX1 in autophagy-dependent degradation of intrinsic cytosolic DNA"
  • Jan 29 2018 David Ornelles (Microbiology and Immunology) "A quantitative view of translation"
  • March 26 2018 Jiajie Xaio (Physics and Computer Science) "Kmer-based sequence classification and de novo discriminating  motif discovery"
  • June 5 2018 George Holzwarth (Physics) "Bayesian analysis of single-particle tracks to study motion in live cells." co-sponsored by the Department of Physics and the SCB Training Grant.


  • September 26 2016 Leslie Poole  (Biochemistry) "Catalysis by peroxiredoxins at high temporal and structural resolution"
  • October 31 2016 Emil Nilsson (SCB T32 recipient, Chemistry, SCB Certificate Student) "Translational fidelity and increased bacterial fitness"
  • Feb 27 2017 Martin Guthold (Physics) "High-throughput binding kinetics & drug discovery on a next-generation sequencing chip" and Roy Hantgan (Biochemistry)  "Biophysics Benchmarks Binding!"
  • March 27 2017 Ryan Davis (SCB T32 recipient, Biochemistry) "TBA"


  • September 28 2015 Sam Cho (Physics and CS) and Uli Bierbach (Chemistry) "Computational and Experimental Characterization of rDNA and rRNA G-Quadruplexes and Their Interactions with Small Molecules."
  • October 26 2015 Adam Hall (Biomedical Engineering) "DNA Base Modification Detection and Sequence Selection Using Solid-State Nanopores" 
  • Feb 22 2016 Marin Guthold (Physics) "Fascinating Fibrin Fibers"
  • March 28 2016  Ryan Godwin (SCB T32 recipient, Physics, SCB Certificate Student) "Finding NEMO: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Zinc Fingers"
  • April 25 2016 Chris Mauney (SCB T32 recipient, Biochemistry, SCB Certificate Student) "The dNTP triphosphohydrolase SAMHD1 is a redox-regulated enzyme" 
  • June 13 2016 Jeremiah Keyes (Biochemistry) "Regulation of Erk signal transduction by signal-induced cysteine oxidation"


  • Doug Lyles (Biochemistry) "Migration of Cytoplasmic Particle and Organelles in Virus-Infected Cells"
  • Jade Mims (SCB T32 recipient, Molecular Medicine) "Integrated “omics” approach to discover therapies for radiation resistant head and neck cancer"
  • Mark Lively (Biochemistry) "Science Funding and Shaping Science Policy"
  • Rebecca Alexander (Chemistry) "Structural Integrity and conformational flexibility of transfer RNA"
  • Adam Hall (BME) "Detecting and Quantifying DNA Structural and Chemical Modifications at the Single Molecule Level"
  • William Turkett (CS) "Algorithms to Detect sequence motifs and to predict post-translational modification sites"


  • Jason Fye (Biochemistry, SCB Certificate graduate) "Aberrant dsDNA metabolism in TREX1-associated immune dysfunction" 
  • Kim Nelson (Biochemistry) "Identifying structural features influencing the sensitivity of Peroxiredoxins to inactivation using active site profiling and clustering analysis"
  • Janelle Leuthauser (SCB T32 recipient, Molecular Genetics) "Protein similarity networks based on sequence, structure, and active site environment"
  • Jacque Fetrow (Physics & CS) "What do all those proteins do?  An approach to functionally relevant clustering of the protein universe"
  • Thomas Poole (SCB T32 recipient, Chemistry) "Synthesis and use of more reactive sulfenic acid probes"
  • Amanda Smelser (SCB T32 recipient, Biochemistry, SCB Certificate Student) "Viscoelastic properties of normal, tumorigenic and metastatic breast cells" 


  • Tom Hollis (Biochemistry) "DNA Recognition and Transcriptional Regulation of Bacterial Virulence Genes" "
  •  Andrea Belanger (SCB T32 recipient, Physics) "Osmotic Deformability of Red Blood Cells during Storage and Transfusion" 
  • Cristina Furdui (Molecular Medicine) "Redox Regulation of Akt2 by ROS-inducing Signaling Cues"
  • Uli Bierbach (Chemistry) "Biochemical and Biophysical Studies of DNA-Targeted Platinum-Intercalator Agents"
  • Jim Norris (Math) and David John (CS) "Hierarchical Bayesian system network modeling of multiple related replicates"


  • Jed Macosko (Physics) "The Biobook Project: how to reinvent e-textbooks before it's too late"
  • Todd Lowther (Biochemistry) "Targeting Hydroxyproline Metabolism for Primary Hyperoxaluria and Kidney Stone Formation" 
  • Laura Dillon (SCB T32 recipient, Biochemistry) "DNA Secondary Structures Invovled in Fragile Site Breakage from the Study of Human Chromosome 10"
  • Edward Allen (Math) "Fuzzy logic modeling of time series data" 


  • Sam Cho (Physics & CS) "RNA folding and Ribosome assembly"
  • Leslie Poole (Biochemistry) "Where do the cysteine-dependent peroxidases fit into the world of redox signaling? "
  • Paul Pauca (CS) "Integrated and Computational Imaging"
  • Lindsay Comstock (Chemistry) "Probing Biological Modifications Through Cofactor Mimicry "
  • Larry Daniel (Biochemistry) "Redox Control of Cell Growth and Death"


  • Rebecca Alexander (Chemistry) "Biochemical and computational analysis of protein dynamics"
  • Yuh-hwa Wang (Biochemistry) "Human chromosomal fragile sites and cancer"
  • Keith Bonin  (Physics) "Optogenetics"
  • John Wilkinson (Biochemistry) "The multiple personalities of apoptosis inducing factor: from cell killer to cancer promoter"
  • Timo Thonhauser (Physics) "A DFT approach for Modeling DNA Intercalation"


  • Patricia Dos Santos (Chemistry) "Identifying bacterial pathways for Fe-S cluster assembly"
  • Jim Norris (Math) "Probability-based continuous network modeling of short time course data"
  • Tom Hollis & Fred Perrino (Biochemistry) "Structure and function of the mammalian RNase H2 complex"
  • Peter Antinozzi (Biochemistry) ""Functional mapping of disease-susceptibility loci: RNAi screens and high-content imaging"
  • Martin Guthold (Physics) & Roy Hantgan (Biochemistry) "Measuring the dynamic strength of integrin:fibrin adhesive forces"


  • Jim Curran (Biology)  "Ribosomal Proctology: Probing the Exit Site"
  • Roy Hantgan (Biochemistry) "Macromolecular Interactions Core Laboratory's Tricks of the Trade"
  • Cristina Furdui (Molecular Medicine) "A Kinetics Approach to Oncoproteomics: the Missing Link to Personalized Medicine"
  • Freddie Salsbury (Physics) "Protein Electrostatics, Dynamics, Structure and Function (or Stuff Fred Likes)"
  • William Turkett (CS) "Probabilistic Approaches to Clustering and Motif Analysis (PACMAN)"


  • Dany Kim-Shaprio (Physics) "Nitric Oxide Scavenging in Health, Disease and Therapeutic"
  • David John (CS) "Modeling signaling pathways in chondrocytes"
  • Doug Lyles (Biochemistry) "Structure of viral nucleoprotein-matrix complexes"
  • Martin Guthold (Physics) "The extreme viscoelastic properties of fibrin fibers"
  • Jacque Fetrow (Physics & Computer Science) "Structure and dynamics of peroxiredoxin functional sites"
  • Linda McPhail (Biochemistry) "NADPH Oxidase: redox and regulation"

2005-06 (This is the year we moved to Foothills; were we have been ever since.)

  • Jason Grayson (Microbiology & Immunology) "T Cell Death During Viral Infection"
  • William Turkett (CS) "Reconstructing Biological Networks through Bayesian Network Learning"
  • Gloria Muday (Biology) "Understanding hormone response using genome-wide transcription analysis in Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • Jed Macosko (Physics) "Want to Look Inside an Axon? Call MEDIC! Motion Enhanced Differential Interference Constrast Microscopy"
  • Larry Daniel (Biochemistry)

2004-05 (We were at Lucky 32.)

  • Leslie Poole (Biochemistry) "Profiling of redox-sensitive signaling proteins via cysteine sulfenic acid detection: combing computational and chemical analysis tools for biological discovery"
  • Ed Allen (Math) & David John (CS) "Dependency modeling of biological signaling networks using computational algebraic algorithms, Monte Carlo methods and game theoretic techniques"
  • Rebecca Alexander (Chemistry) "Dissecting inter-domain communication in methionyl-tRNA synthetase"
  • Roy Hantgan (Biochemistry) "Perils of Prediction"
  • David Horita (Biochemistry) "TBA"
  • Freddie Salsbury (Physics) "Computational Studies of Mismatch Repair Proteins"

2003-04 ( The first two were at Ryan's in the Fall. We then moved to Lucky 32 in the Spring.)

  • Fred Perrino (Biochemistry) 'The metazoan 3'->5' deoxyribonucleases encoded by the TREX genes"
  • Paul Hemler (CS) "Enhancement of Blood Vessels in Computed Tomography Images of the Liver"
  • Daniel Kim-Shapiro (Physics) "What's right about nitrite"
  • Mary Sorci-Thomas (Pathology) "ApoA-I Structure and Function: Studies of a Lipid Binding Protein and Co-Activator for Cholesterol Esterification"
  • Todd Lowther (Biochemistry)"Molecular Basis for repair of oxidized methionine: A fountain of youth?"
  • Bernie Brown (Chemistry) "Archael Box C/D sRNP complexes: Recent structural and